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Hi Devs! 

The latest version contains a small fix for debug mode, the plugin now behaves correctly on the debug view allowing you to see it's property values. 

A new expression was added to help you measure your game play time. As you may know, Legends of Learning games are required to meet a minimum of 5 minutes of gameplay, and a maximum of 15 minutes. The expression GetPlayTime will help you measure this time while you are developing your game. You may want to track how long did your game last, so GetPlayTime will return the amount in milliseconds the Game has been running after the On Start condition was triggered.  The expression has no effect on the game or on any action, however, the plugin will warn you if your game doesn't meet the time requirements, these warnings will popup only during Construct 3 preview mode, so you don't have to worry about your published version.

Example files and the plugin file had been updated, I encourage you to have the latest version to keep your games running smoothly.


Returns duration in milliseconds after the On Start condition has been triggered. This expression is helpful to measure the time the player has spent, and meet the minimum 5 minutes gameplay that LoL Gameframe requires. If no On Start has been triggered, the time returned will be the total time since the game started.


LoLAPI Example v1.2.c3p 71 kB
Jan 10, 2021
ppstudio_lolapi v0.0.0.4.c3addon 32 kB
Jan 10, 2021

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